Dr Gabriella Rundblad
Reader in Applied Linguistics
PhD  Post-Graduate Teachers' Qualification  BA


  • Semantics (BA)
  • Psycholinguistics (BA, MA)
  • Quantitative Research Methods (BA, MA)
  • Cognitive Linguistics (MA)
  • Discourse Analysis (MA, MPhil/PhD)
  • Mixed Methods (MPhil/PhD)


currently at KCL:

  • Chair of Education Committee
  • Chair of Psychology and Cognitive Processes (PCP) Research Group (incl setting it up)
  • Co-Organiser of PCP Research Seminar series
  • Member of BA ELC exam board


  • Dissertation and Ethics Organiser on BA ELC
  • Member of Research Committee
  • Chair of APEL Committee (incl setting it up)
  • Deputy Under-Graduate Teaching Co-ordinator
  • Programme Director for BA in Linguistics and English Language Teaching
  • Programme Director for BA in Scandinavian Studies
  • Programme Director for BA in Swedish Studies and Management Studies ((incl setting it up and securing external funds to cover parts of the programme)
  • Overseas Liaison Officer (Erasmus/Socrates)
  • Senior Adviser and Member of School Exam Board
  • Acting Chair/Deputy Chair of Research Committee
  • Chair of Language and Mind Research Group (incl setting it up)
  • School Web Manager and member of University web manager committee
  • Member of school equality group


University Council of General and Applied Linguistics (UCGAL), member of the governing board

UK Cognitive Linguistics Association (UK-CLA), founding member and member of the governing board

Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative, member of international think tank

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), member of international editorial board

PLOS Currents: Disasters, member of international reviewer board

Psychology and Cognitive Processes (PCP), co-founder and group leader of KCL research group

Current Issues in Psychology and Cognitive Processes, co founder and co-organiser of KCL seminar series

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